Our Fit Food Philosophy

At Fit Kitchen we stand for…


Chef inspired AND dietitian approved

Real food, cooked from scratch with simple ingredients

High quality ingredients and using local where possible

• Meals that are always fresh (never frozen)

• A scientifically sound approach (no fad diets here)

No unnecessary restrictions (enough calories, healthy fats, high quality protein and an essential level of good carbohydrates)

• Helping you get more of the good stuff (we make vegetables taste good)

• A solution to portion distortion (portion controlled meals and snacks)

• Fulfilling lean menus for those that want to lose weight

• Powerful performance menus for athletes and active lifestyles

Balanced meals and snacks throughout the day for maximum energy, appetite control and health

• Happily surprising our customers that healthy can taste this good



Our mandate is to change the way people eat in a positive way and do that by providing a super simple, easy to shop environment that meets their lifestyle needs.


We want to enrich Calgarians lives by providing them food that makes them feel great physically while respecting their time.

Why Fit Kitchen?

More and more people understand the connection between how they perform in their daily lives and how they eat.  Eat poorly and your performance suffers. It is all about vitality and we are taking it to an all new level compared to anything that has ever been offered in this marketplace. The more nutritionally aware people are and with no one getting less busy, this kind of eating is definitely here to stay.

33 High Street McKenzie Towne

Calgary, Alberta - Calgary, AB T2Z-3T7