Frequently Asked Q's

Performance vs. Lean meals… what’s the difference?

Performance (Red Label)

To maximize everyday well being…not just for athletes but anyone who leads an active life.  Will generally include a protein, complex carb, and veg.  Those looking for weight/muscle  gain can also eat Performance meals.

Small calories: 350 - 500

Large calories: +500 - 750


Lean (Green Label)

These meals will be for those looking to lose weight, with a focus on protein, high veg, and lower carb.

Small calories: 350 or less

Large calories: +350 - 500

How Many Calories Should I Be Eating?

Sign up for a free Fit Kitchen account and use the calorie calculator on the dashboard to find out your personal macro-nutrient intake needs.

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Do you have gluten free options?

About 95% of our Fit Kitchen meals contain gluten-free ingredients which will be clearly labeled as gluten-free on our packages.  Please note that cross contamination can exist by suppliers in manufacturing plants that produce ingredients used in Fit Kitchen meals and snacks. Cross contamination can also occur in our kitchen as a small percentage of foods we cook is not gluten-free.  If you have a life-threatening allergy or food sensitivity we suggest you refrain from consuming our products as your health and safety is of the utmost importance.


Does Fit Kitchen use local ingredients?We do our best to source local and use in our meals wherever possible.We are proud to welcome Sunrise Farms as our supplier for local, free run, vegetarian fed, antibiotic/hormone free chicken.



Do you have vegetarian or vegan options?

What sizes do your meals come in?

We offer small and large size options.  Small are typically for women.  Large is typically for men or athletes.  Certain menu items are ‘one’ size only and will correspond to lean, or performance.  We also offer various Fit proteins from our deli for those looking to add extra calories/protein to their meals.  Higher calorie diets can do 2 lean meals together.

Is FK only for athletes?

Fit Kitchen is for everyone!  All types of individuals and lifestyles can benefit from Fit Kitchen.  Whether you are a high performance athlete, looking to lose weight, or just don’t have time to cook Fit Kitchen has meals and meal plans that can help benefit your lifestyle.



How do I reheat meals?

All Fit Kitchen meals are fully cooked and just require re-heating to an internal temperature of 175, about 1:30 to 2 minutes in a microwave.  Our containers are microwave safe, if you prefer to reheat in the oven be sure to transfer your meal to an oven safe dish.



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How long do meals last in fridge?

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