Since I retired from competition in 2012 I have been trying to find a new balance in my life.  I need to constantly set new health goals that are no longer competition based and re-educate myself on what a “workout” means when I have 30 minutes to exercise versus the 6+ hours I used to spend in the gym.   These days most people, including myself are trying to juggle a career and personal life balance while continuing to stay healthy and fit.  The busier you get, the harder it is to eat healthy and find time to stay active.  All the quick food tends to pack on the pounds and make you feel terrible.  Following a particularly lazy and over indulgent December, I decided to hit the reset button by signing up for an 18-day meal plan with my friends at Fit Kitchen.  Turns out it has been my best idea so far in 2016.


There are multiple options for meal plans. I started with the lean plan, approximately 1500 calories per day.   I was constantly surprised and impressed at the quality of the food.  Every three days a bag of food was delivered to my home filled with three meals and two snacks a day along with a schedule of meals I was to eat and the total break down of calories.  The instructions: Follow the food list, re-heat and eat.  I was skeptical.  How delicious can re-heated food be, especially healthy food?  I was proven wrong on day one.  Somehow the veggies stay crunchy and chicken moist.  Also, I don’t eat pork and the team at Fit Kitchen was happy to accommodate my nutritional needs.  I felt excited every day to find out what my meals were as they were constantly changing.  For me it has helped a lot with reminding me about portion sizes.  The meals are well balanced between protein, carbs and healthy fats.  That allows you to feel good and not have all kinds of weird cravings.  My favorite meals were the “Power Prawn Curry” and the “Club Med Chicken.”  So, here it is in a nutshell.  The meals were delicious, healthy and constantly changing.  I felt good with lots of energy and was able to set a really good fitness routine that included four-five days of exercise a week.  Over the course of the 18 days I lost a total of four pounds.  For me this meal plan was a huge success and I will definitely be signing up again in the near future. Especially when I know I will be busy and my diet will be the first to suffer.   Helen Upperton, Olympic Silver Medalist





I have been using Fit Kitchen for about 8 weeks to date, I always thought that those fresh meal plans you hear about are a pricey privilege to be enjoyed by the rich and the famous. I stopped by the Fit Kitchen location in Mckenzie and snuck a peak, what I was amazed to find is that the food is actually not expensive, I used to pride myself in eating healthy foods such as salad, subway sandwiches. What I   found is that one meal cost me the same if not less than that salad or subway. The food is fresh and delivered daily with a huge selection of a menu so weeks later I am still not bored with food and still  enjoy it tremendously. I thought it would be difficult to cut out bread or any other trigger foods from  my  diet but the balanced meals Fit Kitchen offers were making me full and feeling fulfilled from a delicious meal. Saying all of the above to date which is 8 weeks following lean menu, I have dropped 20lbs and continuing to lose every week  approximately  2.5-3 pounds. The extra perk that  Fit Kitchen offers that  cost me nothing is the personalized feeling they provide every time I come in, be it to ask how my meal planning is going, or the fact they know me by name or how much I lost this week  keeps the motivation going. I am beyond ecstatic I decided to stop by the store and check it out.  AJ, meal plan customer





Fit Kitchen fits a healthy lifestyle. In my experience it allowed me to keep my busy schedule and still take care of myself. Within a week I saw strength gains and my energy level increased. The amount of extra time I had from not having to prep meals was spent doing more of the things that I love.   DJ Kav, AMP 90.3 Radio